Today is my first Mother's Day. I didn't remember that Mother's Day was this week, I thought it was next week until one of our wonderful clients sent me a "Happy Mother's Day" text.

Two years ago I felt doubtful after several early miscarriages that I would ever get to celebrate a mother's day. Our doctor's were doubtful that we would ever have children.

One year ago I was still photographing weddings, 33 weeks pregnant. Struggling with severe sickness, infusions, a move to a new state for better care, but incredibly blessed to be pregnant with our little miracle boy.

Today I've spent the day working and hanging out with my little family. We're big believers in family businesses around here and this morning hubby, kiddo, and I drove three hours for a sunrise engagement session (that is too die for!) and then we celebrated with lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. Now, the boys are taking a Mother's day nap.

I'm in awe that I've been so blessed with a happy son. I know every parent feels this way, but I'm convinced he's perfect. He rarely cries, he's always cheery, he's so smart, he loves figuring how things work, he loves sitting on my lap and 'helping' me work, he loves chasing our kitty cats who patiently play with him - until they've had enough and they leave baby jail, today he took his first steps. This past year as flown by, and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our year.

Thanks to all the wonderful clients who make this unicorn life of mine possible. Thank you for sharing your joy and your intimate moments with our family. We love you guys!

My mom/second shooter/nanny/best friend took a set of maternity photos at 22 weeks on the beach in Wilmington and a set the night before I was induced at 38 weeks.

At 20 weeks we were told our son had a kidney defect and would likely need surgery to fix it, but until he was born we wouldn't know the extent and if he would also have cardiac and pulmonary issues. We had ultrasounds every other week until 30 weeks when I moved to Ohio and changed providers. At that point his birth defect corrected itself and he came into this world perfect.

Surviving our high risk pregnancy after loss was hard. We had complications, we had lots of interventions I did not want. But, we made it.

Being a wedding photographer, a June due date wasn't our plan - we planned for a January baby. But, that didn't work out for us. I was able to work until the day before I was induced and photographed my first wedding - pictured below - at four days post partum with my kiddo with me. Again, I have some pretty amazing clients! After having hypermesis until I delivered I felt like super woman once I could eat!

And, the weeks after kiddos birth as we learned to be a family of three. My mom came to our 400sqft lake cottage and spent several weeks helping us, then we drove back to North Carolina to take her home. By the time kiddo was three weeks old he'd been in seven states!

In those first weeks I was able to successfully work. Kiddo was super easy, I pumped, he stayed home with daddy, and life was amazing. We walked on the beach every day, we went to the amusement park. Life was more than I ever hoped for.

When kiddo was six weeks old he had emergency surgery for Pyloric Stenosis at Levine's Children's Hospital in Charlotte. Amazing hospital, wonderful doctors, and while it was tough, they took excellent care. I had come to the Carolina's to visit my mom for a few days, with plans to drive home for a weekend of weddings. The first night I was at mom's kiddo started the projectile vomiting, and instead of a trip back to Ohio I had a weekend in the hospital with kiddo and hubby had to stay in Ohio and shoot our weddings. Sometimes my unicorn life is crazy, sometimes it's hard, and even though we are a family business, we try our hardest to take care of our family and our client family.

We were released from the hospital and kiddo hasn't had any issues since, thankfully!

And, since then we've traveled to ten more states, bringing his total to sixteen states visited in 11 months (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, California, Illinois, Florida, Indiana, and Wisconsin), hundreds of clients he's met, and lots of exciting things he'll never remember.

We've made it 11 months exclusively breastfed. I've been able to give our kiddo the first year I wanted to. There have been some bumps along the way, I have a rare auto immune disease that has flared up, I've had more colds, but we've made it. And, it's been pretty awesome.

I'm so thankful for the kindness and generosity that our clients have shown this year. You guys have rocked as I've figured this new momma thing out. If you make it through all of our pictures, more power to you. Thank you for letting me have this life!